Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr Bubbler and his New Green Friend

Mr Bubbler was caught hanging out with a new friend. She claimed "she was to young for her but to check back later when she was all grown up!" Looks like the perfect couple to us!

Mr Bubbler Stuck in LA Traffic

There is no better friend to be stuck in traffic with then Mr Bubbler! You'll make high time with him as your co-pilot!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bubbler and the Attack of the Chickens

Yesterday the Easter Bunny, today attack of the chickens! Mr Bubbler said "there were two of them, the size of godzilla's!" Luckily, he escaped unharmed.

Note: No Animals were harmed in the shooting of this photo, only human brain cells.

Bubbler Meet the Easter Bunny

Bubbler never thought the easter bunny was real until this chance meeting!

Bubbler at to playground

Mr Bubbler never lost sight of what fun it was to be a kid, as you can see from these photos from his time at the playground. He was having the time of his life on the swings and slide, but should realize life is fragile!

Bubbler Meets Mother

The Bubbler always wondered "who am I, where am I from, are their others like me?" Well today she meet her long lost mother! Where before she had been a orphan, Now she had a family! It was a happy reunion and she was glad to be somewhere she could call home!

Bubbler Returns Home!

After days on the road, Mr Bubble is home!

Bubbler Hit the Links

After a few days of surf and sand, what beats some pitch and putt right outside your hotel room window. Well maybe one of the 3 hot tubs, sorry but no pictures there this isn't that type of blog!

Bubbler Decides to Check into the Crystal Cove!

After a day of fun in the surf, sun, and sand, not to mention the beautiful ladies and a few strong marguerita, the Bubbler decided to check out crystal cove cottages for a few nights.

Bubbler By the Sea

Enjoying the Sun and Surf in Newport Beach, CA!